Thursday, 7 June 2012

AOFM Advanced Makeup Course - Day 1: Period Makeup

So today is the start of the advanced section of the AOFM Freelance Professional Hair and Makeup certificate course I am attending.

Half our class has gone as they were on the Foundation course only and we gained two new students, a smaller class but thankfully even numbers so we all still have a partner.

Fun day learning about 1920s to 1980s makeup.  Our tutor was Lina Dahlbeck, I really warmed to Lina, impossible not to she has such a lovely, fun and friendly nature.  We were given lots of useful and interesting information about the industry and tips.

The demo for today was a 1960s Twiggy look, Lina decided to do this look as it is still very much requested (or versions of it) today, which is why I decided to have a go at creating this look too.

We were also showed how to block out eyebrows if we wanted to do a 1920s/1930s look, I was very tempted as really wanted to have a go at the technique but Twiggy was a calling :-)

Here is the look I created on Laura, hope you like it.

I wish I had false eyelashes to play with, would have loved to amp up the look with top and bottom lashes, but alas had to stick with trying to draw on bottom lashes with gel liner, fyi liquid liner and a firm fine pointed tip brush is best, neither of those I had to hand, I know I could improve on this but still for a first try I'm happy.

Another very fun and informative day :-)

Diane x


  1. Hi Diane....I am so proud of you. I even showed it to my husband. The look is just awesome. You have amazing skills <3

  2. Aww thank you so much Snig, can't believe you really showed hubby, so sweet and I'm so flattered by your lovely words. x

  3. Well done you!!!! Executed well and it really suits her which can easily be forgotten. Also I am so glad you were clear on which period it was, I had a funny situation when someone showed me 'Period' make up but had now clue as to which decade it might be! xx

  4. Hi Nadira, thank you so much, I'm thrilled by your lovely comments. I was so looking forward to this part of the course, so interesting and to hear all the history of the makeup revolution in the 1920s, what a drastic change. I just knew when I partnered up with Laura that this look would be perfect for her features. Thanks so much for your support hon. x

  5. Really looking very nice ,,, eye makeup really superb work thanks for the post.