Sunday, 12 February 2012

IMATS London 2012 - The Makeover Result

Had an amazing day.  Which started at 5am for me after max 4 hrs sleep, far too excited!

I got to IMATS very early with my lovely friend Snig from YouTube Channel IndianBeautie.  Snig had the first makeover of the day, my one was booked in for 3pm and as a lovely surprise for me I was booked in with the makeup artist from Make-Up Atelier but unfortunately, his body painting work went over time and he worked flat out all day without a break, the same for his lovely model, you will understand why when you see his amazing work below.

Luckily there were another two makeup artists helping on the day but they were not from Make-Up Atelier, so I got my makeover.  It will probably come as no surprise that I chose the Penelope Cruz makeup look in the end, as I was already leaning towards that one and almost all the feedback I received on twitter voted for it too.

So here is the inspirational photo again and a picture of my makeover on the day, *Warning* it's not a fab photo of me, you can tell I've had very little sleep, don't say I didn't warn you ;-)

Make-Up Atelier were kind enough to give me some of the products used for my makeover, so I also had a go at creating this look, which you will see clearly in my IMATS 2012 video on my YT Channel dianeuk01 link: IMATS 2012 Video, (I will list the products there too), but I did manage to take 2 pictures, shame they didn't come out very well :-/ it also might have been better if I had closed my eyes so you could see the eye makeup! oh well here they are:

However, there are pictures on the Facebook page, with more to be added soon, here is the link: Facebook IMATS 2012.  Here you will also see pics of my other lovely YT friends that I spent the day with there, Kelly - YT Jellyminx, Cami - YT camiloveskiwi, Maria - YT thelipstickdiaries.  Had such a fun day with friends, shopping and keeping each other company during each of our makeovers, having lunch and cuppas, not to mention waiting in the artic conditions outside for the bus!

Here are pictures of the amazing work the makeup artist from Make-Up Atelier created and his lovely model, how striking is that? was such a treat so see this being created right in front of me:

I cannot thank Sue from enough for this amazing opportunity and for such a fun day, you are so very kind, thank you so much!!!  And girls thank you for making the day so special :-)

Diane xoxo

Friday, 3 February 2012

IMATS London 2012 - My Makeover details

Hi lovelies,

As promised, I am letting you know that my makeover with Make-Up Atelier Paris at IMATS on Saturday 4th February, will be at 2pm.

If you are going to be there, please come say hi if you like, you will see which makeup look I decided to go with and how it turns out.  Would be lovely to meet you :-)

Diane x