Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Myface Cosmetics

myface.cosmetics is an affordable brand available in large Boots stores in the UK.  The range has been created by Charlotte Tilbury who is a renowned British make-up artist.

The range is broken down into 3 skin tones, Fair - think Kate Hudson, Medium - think Kate Moss and Medium/Dark - think Frieda Pinto.  There are 3 shades of foundation, concealer, powder and blush in each skin tone range.  Then there are different combos for nude, pink & red lip products for each skin tone.  Eyeshadows are for everyone, which include trios and single bling tones which contain crushed pearl for icy iconic eyes.

As of today's date everything in the range is between £6.49-£12.99 and there is currently an offer in Boots on selected lipsticks are 2 for £12, which is a great saving as they are usually £9.78 each.

I have two products from the Medium/Dark range which I am very impressed with, these are featured in a YouTube video of mine,

Firstly, I have a Gigabite lipstick called Ooh Baby Baby, it's a lovely tan/peach neutral colour on me, lovely pigmentation, opaque, creamy moisturising feel and yet lasts well.  I am wearing it in my YouTube vid (link above).  I also have the blush called Night Fever, which is a reddish/salmon colour with gold pearl, it's a beautiful velvet texture, amazing pigmentation, satin finish, no sparkly glitter, just looks like the most gorgeous golden duo chrome effect to me and has very good lasting power on me.  Please find pictures at the end of this post.

Thanks very much for taking a look at this post, hope you found it helpful.

Diane x

Mac in the Groove + Dupes

I purchased Petticoat mineralised skinfinish and Jazzed lipstick but I managed to make close dupes at home. I've also made a possible dupe of Stereo Rose.  Here is a link to my video of this on YouTube;

Petticoat really reminded me of something, when I got home I realised what it was and dug out Benefits Moon Beam, they are strikingly similar with Moon Beam have a bit more of a metallic sheen.

Top and far right Petticoat MSF blended/heavy
Middle and bottom Benefit Moon Beam blended/heavy

Mac Petticoat MSF

I also found I was able to make a very good dupe of Jazzed lipstick with two Mac lipsticks I already had, which are See Sheer and Shy girl.

From top - bottom, Mac Jazzed, See Sheer, Shy Girl, mix of See Sheer and Shy Girl

Mac Jazzed lipstick

I know it's not exactly ideal to get two lipsticks instead of one!!! but if you already have one or both of these in your collection you can make a great dupe of Jazzes, both of these are on the Mac website and are permanent I believe.

Also, after reading Temptalia's brilliant post on trying to find a dupe for Stereo Rose MSF, the closest she came to a dupe was mixing Mac Comfort & Petticoat MSF's.

I don't have Mac Comfort MSF but I do have Mac's Sunny by Nature which is close to Comfort so I thought I'd try making a dupe, here is my dupe and Christine's Temptalia blog dupe;

Far right Mac Sunny by nature MSF mixed with Mac Petticoat MSF

Far left Mac Comfort MSF mixed with Mac Petticoat, middle Stereo Rose
Image property of Temptalia, permission obtained to use image

I'm sorry it's difficult to see the differences, for a start Christine and I are two very different skin tones and my image was taken from my YouTube video. If you have Mac's Sunny by Nature or something similar, give it a try, you just might like the results.

Personally, I went to swatch Stereo Rose 3 times and each time it didn't show up corally only light pink with sheen and the more I swatched the more sheen I got rather than colour. Perhaps it was just the one I was swatching but I wasn't at all sure it would show up as a blusher on me and that is what I would have wanted to use it for. 

From the look of swatches I've seen on fair skin tones, it does look a lovely shade of coral.  Maybe it would look lovely on me too but I may never know as I don't intend to pay eBay prices for it!

If you have the MSF's mentioned including Stereo Rose I would love to hear if you are able to make a good dupe with these.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, hope you found it useful.

Diane x

FOTD using Nars 9947 palette

Make-up worn in my Mac in the Groove + dupes YouTube video;

Mac Coral Crepe paint pot - all over lid & into crease
Nars Bohemian Gold - all over lid
Surabaya - eyeshadow over v and crease Mac Saddle eyeshadow - above crease
Mac Brule eyeshadow- eyebrow highlight
Stila Kajal Sapphire - lower waterline and lash line, outer 3rd of upper waterline
Nars Night Flight, set Kajal liner lower lash line,
Bobbi Brown Mahoney eyeshadow - Brows Maybeliine Collosal Mascara

Nars Sheer Glow Cadiz
Eve Pearl concealer trio B
MUFE HD Powder
Mac Format blush
Mac Sunny by Nature MSF - used for slight contour/bronzing

Mac Cork lipliner, Jazzed lipstick, Love Nectar lusterglass

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Nars 9947 Palette

This palette is gorgeous! The colours are as follows; Top row L-R Night Flight - Black with cobalt blue pearls (Navy with small blue flecks) Ondine - Plum with gold shimmer (mauve/taupe with gold flecks) Himalayas - Iridesent Pink Bottom row L-R Surabaya II - Brown Sugar (Reddened brown with teeny fold flecks) Bohemian Gold - Metallic Taupe (I would say pinky-copper) Kilimanjaro - Champagne Gold Here is the link to my YouTube video on this: On Make-Up Alley reviews some people have suggested colour combinations that I am really looking forward to trying out. As of today 23rd July 2010, these palettes are still available on the website for £37, I do hope this has been helpful. Diane x

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Douceur Blush - Nars Fall 2010 Collection

I have recently obtained the only blush that was released with this collection, the Douceur Blush, which is a soft pink-brown, it is also the first blush to have the NARS logo etched on to it. Please see photos below and I posted a video of this on YouTube, I absolutely love this blush, when I first swatched it I wasn't sure if it would be too ashy on my skintone, which for reference is Mac NC44 with yellow/olive undertones. It has very minimal teeny tiny shimmer, hard to spot in the pan and I don't see it when I swatch it but it gives THE most amazing natural glow to my skin. Needless to say I was caught by surprise just how naturally gorgeous it looks on me. It's almost as if it was made for me! ;-) I also thought it would look good paired with my favourite lipstick at the moment, which is Mac Hug me, so I took pics of that too. I think it will suit alot of skintones but it might turn ashy on darker skinned lovelies. I hope the photos here and my video have been helpful. Diane x