Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Posts coming up in April

Hi everyone,

Thanks for sticking with me and my erratic blog posting!  Welcome to my new supporters, lovely to have you :-) I do love doing blog posts and wanted to let you know what I have coming up for you.

When I receive my delivery from makeupmania of various La Femme products, most of which are blushes, I will be posting swatches of what I receive.

A friends mum in Poland has very kindly picked up some Inglot products for me and will be bringing them over to London soon when she visits her daughter.  As soon as I get my hands on these products, I will be swatching away for you, I'm getting eyeshadows and lipsticks.  I already have a 12 pan square eyeshadow palette that I swatched in my IMATS haul video on YouTube, but I am going to rearrange the colours with the new palettes to my liking and then swatch all of them here for you as well as the lipsticks.

If you follow my YT channel you may have seen that I have started a new skin care regime, it's the Paula's Choice RESIST Anti-Aging range, I will be doing an extensive post for the 28 day results, detailing what I'm using, how and why I'm using them and my experience, broken down into weeks and of course showing before and after photos.  I've been told it takes 28 days to see results, we shall see...

I will also do YT videos about these, and I'm sure I will have some impromptu posts to put up inbetween.

I do hope you will find them interesting and helpful in some way, if you do please let me know, would be nice to get to know you all better.

Thanks for reading,
Diane x

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Free Delivery Code - La Femme blushes etc

Hi guys,

Thank you all so much for supporting my blog, I'm just sorry I can't post more often at the moment but I just wanted to quickly give you this code.

Free INTERNATIONAL & US delivery code for, where you can buy the La Femme blushes and more.

The code is GREENAOKBYME from 22 - 28 March 2011, full credit and huge thanks goes to Destiny Godley who uploaded this code to YouTube earlier.

I just used it and it worked brilliantly, you put the code in at the order confirmation stage.  I went La Femme shopping in a big way and it's only costing me £30.32!

Have no idea how long it'll take to receive my goods, I believe they have had a huge amount of orders since Gossmakeupartist did his review on YouTube.

If you have ever wanted to try out these blushes now might be the best time. 

I ordered 3 single pans to fill my current palette and purchased a complete 12 pan palette $35, you get to customize what colours go in and what order you want them in, you even get to name your palette - bit daft but still nice personal touch.  For the customized palettes it did say to give it 5 days for that service.

Just a note, you seem to get more options of blush colours when you create a palette but some of the colours that are available to buy in the single pan form are not there, so I had to switch back and forth to make sure I got all the colours I wanted.

I also thought I would try out some of the eye and lip pencils.  So excited I can't tell you!

Thanks for reading and I do hope this is helpful.

Diane x

Monday, 7 March 2011

La Femme Blush on Rouge Swatches

Hello lovelies,

I thought this post would come in handy for anyone that is thinking of purchasing La Femme Blushes.  They are amazingly pigmented, long wearing, and have a huge array of colours and what's more are sooo affordable. To see reviews by the very talented and knowledgeable gossmakeupartist click here and here.

In the individual pan form they cost $2.50 - 5.5g, you can get these from  I don't know of anywhere else where you can pick up these quality blush on rouge round pans, if you know please do share. 

Get ready, here come the pics, they are actually stills from my camcorder and were filmed in natural light by my front door.  It's a sunny today - yay!

Top row left to right: Orchid Ice, Framboesia, Lilac Champagne
Bottom row left to right: Scarlet, Purple Passion, Grape, Brick Red, Russet, Redwood

Top row left to right: Orchid Ice, Framboesia, Lilac Champagne Bottom row left to right: Scarlet, Purple Passion, Grape, Brick Red,

Top row left to right: Lilac Champagne Bottom row left to right: Grape, Brick Red, Russet, Redwood

I've done heavy swatches and next to them swatches blended out so you can get a better idea how it might look on your skin, for reference my face is Mac NC44 but my arm is a good few shades lighter.

From left to right: Purple Passion, Grape, Brick Red, Russet, Redwood

From left to right: Scarlet, Orchid Ice, Framboesia, Lilac Champagne

I do hope these swatches will be use to someone out there.  I called Screenface professional make-up suppliers in Covent Garden, London that stock La Femme, but they only stock two eye products, woe is me :(

Diane x

Fitflop Boots - Big Sale!!!

Hi everyone,

Ever wanted a pair of Fitflop boots but thought the prices were too high?  Well if you have I'm pleased to let you know that are having a big sale in their when it's gone it's gone section under offers, here is the link: Boots FitFlop Sale, You can save upto £66!

I already have a pair of Fitflop Walkstar 3 sandals that I live in the summer and this winter have been wearing my pair of the Superboot Short in Chocolate, I love them, but you do need well fitting socks, otherwise they'll move about in the boots.  They also come up a bit bigger than normal I think, I wear 2 pairs of socks!

Product Image

Taken from website
"The new SHORT suede SUPERBOOT™ is also super smart. Built on FitFlop’s MICROWOBBLEBOARD midsole to tone and trim, it features buttery-soft suede and a loose-fitting, ankle-length leg for pull-on practicality."

Don't forget if you have an advantage card you will earn points to treat yourself with later and if you go via a cashback webiste (as mentioned in previous posts I use Topcashback website) you will earn money on the money you spend!

They are loads of offers going on at at the moment.  Oh how I love Boooooots!

Diane x

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Mac now at Debenhams

Sorry I meant to post this a month ago!

Just a quickie in case you don't already know by now that Mac cosmetics are now available to purchase from Debenhams online.  Right now til Sat 5th March there is a 10% sale on beauty, which includes the new Wonder Woman Collection!

If like me you purchase via a cashback website, you can earn money whislt you purchase Mac and if you have a Debenhams beauty club card you can earn points to spend later instore too.  They are working on trying to set it up that you can spend the points online but according to their website that is still a work in progress.

Debenhams often have free delivery promotions, , if they don't you can always google Debenhams free delivery code ( to see if you can get a valid code or take a look at the Debenhams page on Topcashback website and click the see all discount tabs, there are usually codes posted there, some by me!

They stock Mac pro pans so I think using the above shopping methods, this is one of the best ways to purchase these items, cash back is never guaranteed, but so far I have earned approx £200 for spending money I was going to spend anyway.

Hope this post is useful!

Diane x

Clinique freebies - Glamour Magazine!

Hi everyone,

Sorry I've been gone so long!!!  My bad, so totally bad. I will try to post more often.

Thought I'd let you know there is a lovely array of Free Clinique mini products in April edition of Glamour  magazine which costs £2.

You can get one of ten Clinique freebies when you pick up a copy the magazine, which is out Thur 3 March with Fearne Cotton on the cover.  The magazine will be on sale until Fri 1 April. 
The Clinique products are travel size (exc. the below lipstick) and are worth £79ish in total, so it's worth stocking up!

The ten mini products to choose from are (the values below have been calculated based on the full sized products on the Clinique website (not by me)):

•Liquid facial soap 30ml - £1.95

•Eye make-up remover 30ml - £3.48

•All about eyes eye cream 5ml - £7.50

•7 day scrub rinse-off formula 30ml - £5.10

•Long last glosswear 2.3ml - £5.37

•Superbalm moisturising gloss 7ml - £6.07

•High impact mascara 4g - £7.50

•Dramatically different moisturiser 30ml - £9

•High impact lipstick full size - £15

•Moisture surge thirst relief 30ml - £18

I'm definitely hoping to check some of these out and maybe pick up a few copies!  Glamour tend to do great giveaways, if I'm not mistaken I managed to pick up the various full sized Benefit pencils for £2 and was able to get a few for family and friends as little extra presents.

Is there anything you might like to pick up or will you be passing on this?

Diane x