Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Posts coming up in April

Hi everyone,

Thanks for sticking with me and my erratic blog posting!  Welcome to my new supporters, lovely to have you :-) I do love doing blog posts and wanted to let you know what I have coming up for you.

When I receive my delivery from makeupmania of various La Femme products, most of which are blushes, I will be posting swatches of what I receive.

A friends mum in Poland has very kindly picked up some Inglot products for me and will be bringing them over to London soon when she visits her daughter.  As soon as I get my hands on these products, I will be swatching away for you, I'm getting eyeshadows and lipsticks.  I already have a 12 pan square eyeshadow palette that I swatched in my IMATS haul video on YouTube, but I am going to rearrange the colours with the new palettes to my liking and then swatch all of them here for you as well as the lipsticks.

If you follow my YT channel you may have seen that I have started a new skin care regime, it's the Paula's Choice RESIST Anti-Aging range, I will be doing an extensive post for the 28 day results, detailing what I'm using, how and why I'm using them and my experience, broken down into weeks and of course showing before and after photos.  I've been told it takes 28 days to see results, we shall see...

I will also do YT videos about these, and I'm sure I will have some impromptu posts to put up inbetween.

I do hope you will find them interesting and helpful in some way, if you do please let me know, would be nice to get to know you all better.

Thanks for reading,
Diane x


  1. Can't wait for the La Femme and Inglot product reviews & swatches xx

  2. Sounds good! I just received Coral Spice in a swap & can't wait to hear your take on it! xoxo

  3. Hi Naomi K, so glad to hear you are interested in the swatches, I'm itching to get my hands on them.

    Hi Patti, Coral Spice is def in the mix, I've also got Nars Orgasm which I believe Wayne said it's a dupe for so I can do comparison swatches, I might even might one on each cheek as well so those interested can get a good look at them both.

    Diane x

  4. Great Di, can't wait to read them all! xx

  5. I am looking forward to your future blog entries - esp. the La Femme blushes (did I already admit that I am LF blushes obssessed?).