Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Free Delivery Code - La Femme blushes etc

Hi guys,

Thank you all so much for supporting my blog, I'm just sorry I can't post more often at the moment but I just wanted to quickly give you this code.

Free INTERNATIONAL & US delivery code for, where you can buy the La Femme blushes and more.

The code is GREENAOKBYME from 22 - 28 March 2011, full credit and huge thanks goes to Destiny Godley who uploaded this code to YouTube earlier.

I just used it and it worked brilliantly, you put the code in at the order confirmation stage.  I went La Femme shopping in a big way and it's only costing me £30.32!

Have no idea how long it'll take to receive my goods, I believe they have had a huge amount of orders since Gossmakeupartist did his review on YouTube.

If you have ever wanted to try out these blushes now might be the best time. 

I ordered 3 single pans to fill my current palette and purchased a complete 12 pan palette $35, you get to customize what colours go in and what order you want them in, you even get to name your palette - bit daft but still nice personal touch.  For the customized palettes it did say to give it 5 days for that service.

Just a note, you seem to get more options of blush colours when you create a palette but some of the colours that are available to buy in the single pan form are not there, so I had to switch back and forth to make sure I got all the colours I wanted.

I also thought I would try out some of the eye and lip pencils.  So excited I can't tell you!

Thanks for reading and I do hope this is helpful.

Diane x


  1. Cool Diane! Thanks for sharing, I am quite content with the makeup I have now but I am thinking of getting more la femme blush. Mr Hubby is not very happy though! I spend way to much on makeup! ahahaha!

  2. Yeah, I got this code and a couple of other from a but thank you for posting it.

    The sad thing is I am going to but 5 or 6 more LF Blushes now b/c I can justify it by using the free shipping an excuse - a flimsy excuse - but I don't need much prodding to partake in my obsession for LF Blushes.


  3. Hi Uma - me too but the prices are too amazing to resist especially when there is free delivery, whoop whoop. I also got a brown eyeshadow as part of my palette, I'm hoping it's the one I've seen you use in tuts that I've been wanting ever since. If it's not I'm sure will still be handy to have.

    NickiD40 - my you are a handy girl to know, because you are so "in the know". Thanks again for sharing. It's a flimsy excuse indeed but it's my excuse too! LOL

    Diane x

  4. Diane, I tried placing an order 3 times on their site and it keeps saying' Something went wrong, please email makeup mania for assistance. I tried 3 times filling in all the necessary details. OMG, I have no patience to do it the 4th time. I guess it's not meant to be this time! I have had bad experience with makeup mania when I ordered my ben nye palette. It came in with a broken eyeshadow becos it was not wrapped in bubble wrap just paper. That time I was in Singapore. I wrote to the company but they said that they will replace but it never reached me! Anyways, I guess I better stick to what I have for now! :)

  5. Hi Uma - sorry to hear that my order sailed thru with no probs at all. I don't blame you for not wanting to put if thru another time but if you find the energy to try again, I do hope it stops mucking about for you!

    Eek! I do hope they improve their customer service, especially now their profile has been raised so much in the beauty community. I'll be sure to do a video advising how my goods arrive good or bad.