Tuesday, 5 June 2012

AOFM - Day 6 - Makeup for Photography - B&W

Hello folks,

Day 6 of my AOFM Freelance Professional Hair and Makeup Certificate course was the last day of the Foundation level part of the course.

We spent the morning learning the fundamentals of makeup and lighting for photography and in particular focusing on makeup for black and white photography. We then watched a demo as usual then after lunch it was our time to experiment. 

Just for a bit of fun, can you guess which colours I used to create the contrasts?  More pics below but don't cheat and scroll there just yet.

I had fun as always working with Li, as you can see he really is a good sport.  

I was definitely experimenting with colours and textures, (as you will see clearly below...) to check the level of contrast, if any, they would achieve in black and white photography.

Our tutor today was the very talented Valentina Creti, a lovely lady and she gave us such an interesting and informative class.  It's wonderful to watch the tutors at work and to receive their guidance, they really do have an amazing eye for detail, very inspiring and I really enjoyed the whole day.

Each day we get a different makeup brand to work with, we had one of my favourites today, Make Up For Ever and I used their HD foundation, HD concealer and eyeshadows on Li.

The tutors on the day liked my choices of colour gradients and I was complimented on my blending by one and told that I can definitely blend by another, music to my ears, I can't you how lovely it is to have such support.

OK I guess it's time to show you the colour photos....

Gotta love that electric blue gel liner, which incidentally was from Inglot and really stays put!  I wasn't sure it would show up in the black and white photos but it does indeed show up as a black liner.

Did you guess the colours?

I am so happy to have the opportunity to work with Oriental features.

A thoroughly enjoyable, interesting and informative class.

Diane x

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