Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Free Clinique Mini Mascara

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my new followers - thanks :-)  Sorry my posts are a bit sporadic but hopefully this'll make up for it a bit.

From Mon 17 Jan, get a free sample of Clinique High Impact or High Lengths mascara when you trade in your old mascara at a Clinique counter in Debenhams. It can be any brand of old mascara, it doesn't have to be Clinique.

To get the freebie, simply visit the Clinique counter in your nearest Debenhams store and hand in your old/empty mascara. Then choose which one of the two Clinique samples you'd like. The offer ends Sun 30 Jan and is limited to one per customer.

I did this one Boots had this same promotion on last year, but when I got there I realised I'd forgotten to bring my old mascara.  As luck would have it I'd already found out from a forum that they don't check if it's used or not, so I popped to Superdrugs and bought the cheapest one I could find, think it was mua brand £1-2 or something, so not exactly free this way but I didn't sweat over it.

Diane x


  1. thus great dear thanks for sharing

  2. Hi lovely,

    My pleasure. You're so good to me, thanks for stopping by and commenting:-)

    Hope you are doing well.

    Diane x

  3. Ooo thanks for sharing!
    The Clinique High Impact mascara is really good.
    I actually find the mini's better than the full size as the brush is smaller! Fab :D

  4. Hi there postblue,

    My pleasure. I have some old mascaras so will be trading them in myself. I do have trouble with the big brushes, thankfully I usually get away with any mistakes as I've put some liner or powder as close to the root of my lashes most days.

    So pleased this has been useful for you.

    Diane x

  5. Hello Hello

    Thanks for the onformation, too bad I live in Norway.

  6. Ahh that's too bad but thanks for reading anyway, hopefully you will get other deals in Normay...?