Saturday, 1 January 2011

Dupe Mac Club Eyeshadow

Happy New Year everyone.  How are you all feeling?  Anyone the worse for wear after last night?  Hope you had fun whatever you got up to!

I was in Superdrugs the other day, swatching away as usual.  I was at the Accessorize stand, I really am liking the consistency and colours they have but when I came to their With Love Rich Earth eyeshadow I had to marvel, to my surprise it has the same green brown duo chrome effect as Mac's Club eyeshadow. 

It costs £4 and Superdrugs currently have a 3for2 mix and match across all cosmetics at the moment and I believe it will be for a few more days, I want to say it ends this Friday 7th Jan but I'm not sure.

I didn't buy it as I already have Mac's club but if I didn't I would have snapped this up!  It seems to have a lovely velvet texture and glides on smoothly and pigmented.  If you haven't got Mac's Club but have been wanting to try it, I would suggest checking this baby out.

With Mac Club I find this one shadow is all I need for a look, as it looks more green on the lid and where I've buffed it out to above the crease and the light hits it differently there, it then looks more brown.  I also find it goes very well with my warm brown eyes.

If I didn't already have Mac's Sunny By Nature MSF, I would definitely get one of their baked bronzers to try.  I do have the With Love Merged Blush in Bombshell which I'm loving and have just used in a party look tutorial, to view it click here.

If you try it out please do let me know what you think.
Diane x


  1. thanks for info dear,will check it out when I next pop into Superdrug anyhoo Happy New year gorgeous,wish u peace,joy,lots of love,good health and success for 2011

  2. Hi Sharon,

    Happy New Year lovely.

    Would be interested to know what you think of it.

    Hope 2011 treats you and your loved ones very well.

    Diane x

  3. Oh Diane you are killing me!! No Superdrug here.. just moved to Bahrain and now I have to swatch in Boots which is twice the price and not as fun. Boooo...

  4. Hi Simone,

    So sorry to cause you such grief lol Such a shame the shopping is limited and therefore more expensive in Bahrain.

    Hopefully you'll find some nice shops there to enjoy. Good luck :-)