Saturday, 27 November 2010

How to get Mac Free Standard Delivery

Hi there everyone,

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend and a very warm welcome to my new followers.

In case you don't know, if you go on and use the EMAIL AN ARTIST option on the bottom left hand site of the home page, ask them anything you would like advice on and when they reply by email to you, at the bottom of the email there will be an option to click on a link to complete a short survey and get free standard delivery for doing so.

When I say short I mean it, talking seconds here, approx six clicks, your choice to type in more details if you like.  I just added that I would like them to make it easier for non pro Mac customers to purchase pro products.  I left quite a detailed but polite message.  Just makes good business sense to me, happy customers and more sales!  What's not to like!?!

As soon as you finish the survery your free delivery code comes up, make sure to note it down and the expiration date, usually valid for 3 months.

These codes come in really handy when I want to get hold of the pro pan blush and/or eyeshadow refills, which I can't get at my nearest counter.

Hope this comes in handy for you all.

Wrap up warm and hope you have fun whatever your plans for the weekend.

Diane x


  1. AT least there is an option for MAC delivery... Here there is nothing like that... So backwards...! Oops! hahahha! Thank for the info dear.

  2. Thanx for the info dear,will check it out next time I want to buy somethn

  3. Uma - I can't believe that they don't do Mac deliveries there! how are you supposed to get hold of their products when you live so far from a store! Crazy!!!

    Hi Sharon - you very welcome, hope you get to make use of it.