Friday, 27 August 2010

Givenchy Phenomenon Eyes vs. Max Factor False Lash Effect

So I did a comparison video on YouTube link, which one came out tops...?  High end vs. drugstore, (in this case Superdrugs).

For starters, why did I choose to compare these two particular mascaras?  Well the reasons were because of two beauty gurus I respect on YouTube.  Wayne Goss - gossmakeupartist said last autumn that the Givenchy Phenomenon Eyes Mascara was the Best mascara in the World!  Then a few weeks ago Tanya Burr - pixi2woo said the Max Factor False Lash Effect was the Best mascara Ever!

To be honest, when you put them on there is not much in it, I think the Givenchy one gives ever so slightly more volume but it is darn tricky to get the hand of the spiky ball to apply it, it's not a comfortable feeling or experience but the results are lovely separated volumised lifted lashes and I'm able to coat the little lashes near the inside corner of my eyes.  One other down side of course is the cost, a whopping £19.50.

Now the Max Factor one costs £10.99 in Superdrugs but it is currently on offer there for £7.99, it also does all of the above but I particularly like the way it fans out and shapes my lashes.  The wand for me is a joy to use, really easy and comfortable, so no surprises that all things considered I prefer this mascara.

Don't get me wrong I do love the effect the Givenchy mascara gives and it's amazing for a night out but I need much more practice to feel comfortable putting a spiky wand close to my eye, although I have used it a good few times now.  Thankfully on my video I didn't poke myself in the eye!

Enough blibber blabber here are some photos from my video, hope this was useful.  Thanks for reading.

Diane x

Givenchy on the left, Max Factor on the right
Givenchy on the left, Max Factor on the right


  1. Very useful comparison! I think I will get the Max factor mascara when my Mac Zoom lash runs out! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You are welcome! Thanks for checking out my blog, glad someone is ;o)

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  4. Thanks so much for visiting and for your lovely words. Sorry I don't have links on my site at the moment but I do wish you all thes best with your blog.