Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Sigma Indian Girl Eyeshadow Swatch

Hello there,

This will be a short and sweet post for Sigma Indian Girl Eyeshadow.  It's the only Sigma makeup item I have, I have to say I didn't expect much so was pleasantly surprised by how soft the texture is and the quality of the pigmentation.  It is a bit crumbly in the pan when you dip into it but it glides on like a dream.

It is a beautiful, taupey/grey/silver colour and has a nice almost duo chrome satin finish.  Here are some pictures for you (which are video stills from my YouTube channel dianeuk01:-

I was lucky to receive this as an extra in a recent swap, which was a pleasant surprise in itself and I have to say I do love this colour on me.  If I hadn't received this in a swap I don't think I would have purchased any Sigma make-up and I would have been missing out!

Diane x


  1. nice,I like e colour for looks pretty on ur skintone

  2. Thanks, it was such an unexpected lovely surprise!