Friday, 24 September 2010

ELF Cool Bronzer, swatches and review

I LOVE products that have multiple uses for me.  And this little beauty fits that bill and is only £3.50 here in the UK.  One other big plus for me is that the colours are matte, which is ideal for contouring. 

OK so I will admit it doesn't have the most luxurious texture ever, far from it but I like it so much that I bought 3 more for family members together with the ELF Studio Complexion brush, also £3.50 (which also has multiple uses but that's another post!), which I lightly dab on the colours I want.  I would not advise any swirling of brushes on this, you will end up with a powdery mess!

Now how do I use it? The dark reddish brown I use for contouring on my face, and on my eye in the crease and outer V, I also mix this with the midtone brown to make a bronzer for me, the midtone brown on it's own is a fantastic blending colour for my crease.  Next comes the pink, I use this as a blush and if I'm in a rush I'll put it on my lid and the browns on my crease.  I really like the look on my cheeks, it adds a natural warmth to my face.

The pale colour you may have noticed I don't use, I do not care for it at all, chalky consistency and doesn't do anything for me. Perhaps if you are fairer you could use it to tone down some of the colours if need be...

It's quick and handy, especially for the school run rush!  There was a time earlier this year where I quickly did this everyday and got myself out of the door, feeling I looked "natural" but polished.  That's why I got it for some of my family members.  You can get so much out of this little palette, which is shaped like a Nars palette but is hard smooth plastic rather than rubbery like Nars', it also has a good decent sized mirror inside.

Below are some pictures, you may not be able to see the midtone brown as it's very close to my skin colour, which is why it makes a great blending colour for me.


The fact that it is only £3.50 makes this a steal for all the uses you can get out of it.  If you get the chance you might want to give this a try, if you don't like it you might be able to give it to a friend/family member. 

ELF are always doing promotions on the UK Facebook page, whenever they hit certain "like" targets they offer free shipping, so more money to spend on products, usually there is always a minimum of a £10 spend.

Here is a link to the ELF UK website and ELF USA

Thanks so much for reading.

Diane x


  1. Wow, thanks for the product review. Do you have the link to ELF uk website. That might be useful for those who want to buy them online.

  2. You're welcome and good idea! I'll add the link.

    Thanks lovely.