Sunday, 12 September 2010

redherring Nail Collection

Yesterday I popped into my nearest Debenhams department store to see if there were any bargains to be had that I didn't see on the website, and I spotted a set of redherring nail polishes.

You may be able to see that it only costs £5 but as it was the last day of the sale, I got it for £4.50, that's 7 x 10ml nail polishes for £4.50, what a bargain.  In particular, I'm really looked forward to trying the 2nd one in from the left, light grey/purple matt colour, the darker plum purple and the glitter metallic deep purple I'm also eager to try.  I've no idea what the consistency will be like, the quality of the finish or the durability.  Will test them out and perhaps post about them again later.

They had lots of these on the shelf, with lots of redherring make-up sets (they looked like they were geared to teenagers) and lip gloss sets, but I decided to just stick with the polishes.

I can't believe they are such a bargain even before the sale discount, what that means in terms of quality I shall see...

Thanks for reading :-)

Diane x


  1. Maybe a swatch of the nail polish and your thoughts about it would be good!

  2. Yes, I might see if I can swatch them whilst my little one is napping this week.

  3. what a bargain hun...lovely colours I passed thru Debenhams yesterday in Central london but was a little lazy to go in there

  4. That's a shame, it was the last day of the sale, but it might have been crazy in that branch, so you probably were better off giving it a miss.