Monday, 20 September 2010

Mac Hug Me and Estee Lauder Crystal Baby lipstick swatches/comparison

Hello lovelies,

What I thought I would show you today is how Mac Hug Me lipstick and Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal lipstick in Crystal Baby compare.  The price point is quite different with Mac priced at £12.50 and Estee Lauder priced at £17 currently in Debenhams.  Sam Chapman from pixiwoo said they were very similar with Crystal Baby being warmer and slightly nicer than Mac Hug Me.

They are very similar in colour on my lips both beige/brown toned pink lipsticks, I love them both, they have such a lovely smooth and creamy finish but Crystal Baby is far more moisturing and that lasts hours even if the lipstick colour fades.  Also there is something about the finish that just has the edge over Mac's Hug Me.

However Hug Me has the usual mild vanilla scent whereas Crystal Baby has much more of a floral perfumed scent, however it doesn't bother me much, I love the feel and look of this lipstick.

Here are some pictures taken from my YouTube video (see link);

Left EL Crystal Baby, right Mac Hug Me
Left Mac Hug Me, right EL Crystal Baby
EL Crystal Baby with Mac Creamola lipliner base
Mac Hug Me with Mac Creamola lipliner base

EL Crystal Baby no base
Mac Hug Me no base

When all is said and done they are both gorgeous lipsticks so you can't really go wrong.  If you don't mind a floral scent to your lippy and want to treat yourself I would definitely recommend EL Crystal Baby as the finish and moisturizing texture is incredibly lovely, a real joy to wear, feels soooo good and in my humble opinion worth paying that bit extra for as a special treat.

However, I like to shop savvy, I bought it with birthday money in a Debenhams sale with free delivery and on top of that, I also shopped via a cashback website so the price was reduced by a few pounds!  So in the end not much more expensive than a Mac lipstick and I didn't have to leave my home to get it, that's what I call a result!  (I did previously swatch it on an earlier scouting trip some weeks prior to ordering).

Hope this post has been of some help to you.

Diane x


  1. lovely colours..they look pretty on u dear

  2. So cool that you have a blog! Last time i went to my local Parfumerie i saw crystal baby but thought i would be too light for my dark lips. But next time i'll buy it. thanks for sharing. Bisous

  3. Hi, thank you for supporting my blog, lovely of you! You are very welcome, I do like to wear a base so that the colour goes on evenly, as I have a variety of pigmentation on my lips.