Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas Gift Idea - Toni and Guy Deep Barrel Hair Waver

Toni & Guy Deep Barrel WaverHi everyone,

Three posts in row!  I am on a roll here, musing over doing 12 blogs of Christmas kind of thing...  Enough musing, I wanted to share information about this product, as I think it would make a lovely Christmas gift.

I know at the moment the Enrapture Amplify Jumbo Hair Waver
is the talk of the town but firstly it costs £67.49 on Amazon! secondly I saw tutorials and the size of the waves were a nice size but not exactly what I was after and thirdly it costs £67.49!  Similarly I saw tutorials for the Babyliss Wave Envy but again I was after bigger deeper waves.

The Toni and Guy Deep Barrel Hair Waver costs £34.99 from Argos and £34.97 at Tesco Direct at the time of posting this blog, however, I was quite lucky and managed to buy it reduced in a recent sale.

I've still got lots of experimenting to do with it but I've played with it enough to let you know that I love the waves you can get with this.

The smaller the sections, longer you hold it and the higher the heat setting you select will give you deeper waves, beachy waves and the wider the sections and lower the heat will give you more soft femme fatale waves, which I've always been after.

What I'm still practicing mostly with is how far down the hair shaft will look best on me.  I found it works best if I straighten my hair first rather than roughly blow drying it straight-ish, gave more smoother defined waves.

The other thing I would point out is the deep ridge on the bottom depending on the angle can be a little awkward to get the hair over and in to the waver but that's probably something I'll get better at with more practice.

You would definitely need to put some kind of product in to help keep the waves for as long as possible, I have naturally curly hair but still need to do this if I want waves/curls to last, whatever I use but sometimes it's nice just to let them drop and look more "natural".

It has 25 heat settings, deep tourmaline plates, stay cool tip, 60sec heat-up time, that I think are worth mentioning here.  If you change the temperature, I didn't notice any change in the light to let you know that it was being changed or when it had reached the required temperature as my Cloud9 Wide Hair straighteners do, so you just have to wait awhile and test.
Once I feel confident enough, I hope to do demos on my YouTube channel dianeuk01 in the future.

I've been after a hair styling tool like this for years but never got around to getting one, can't tell how pleased I am to have finally found one, which is at such a reasonable price and so accessible too, and with Christmas fast approaching just had to share, really do think it will make a great gift.

Diane x


  1. Hi Diane,

    Great to finally see you back.I hope all is well with you funny thing is I added Uma Preve on facebook and only yesterday I message her and said, I have not seen you since your sinus infection etc.I was a bit worried.Glad to know your dreams are finally coming through god bless you and welcome back you were missed.

  2. Hi Mary,

    So sorry you started to worry about me, sweet of you to think of me I'm touched. I've been fine, just didn't have a computer for awhile, life was pretty busy and what free time I had I buried my head in books but I've come up for air now :)

    Diane x