Monday, 13 June 2011

NOTD Revlon Ocean Breeze - Scents of the Summer Collection

Sorry it's a bit blurry! 
Oh no I've never seen my hands so wrinkly!  I'm getting on though you know, 39 in August, eek!
that's just one year away from the big "4 0" it's getting "REAL" lol

Complements my skin tone nicely (image is a still from a video that never happened!)

I have never worn a teal colour but I love this one, the colour is just beautiful and I think really complements my skin tone, also the chrome finish makes it a bright lovely summer colour.

I found afer 2 coats which is what you see here that it's opaque but I didn't get little streaky areas and you can see the brush strokes, but I'm not fussy, only someone scrutinising my nails up close and personal will really notice, and quite frankly no-one does that, do they...?

After 3 coats (which I very rarely can be bothered with) streaks are at full opacity, sorry I didn't take pics, this was done morning after the night before.

It started chipping after 3 days, so not the most long wearing but I don't have a top or bottom coat on, I know! slaps wrist, naughty me but I just don't have that kind of time usually, I know I know I should make time!  I prefer to do my nails after I have a bath so there is less chance of them being ruined but I usually have a bath very late and hence  putting polish on at all sometimes is just a bonus :-)

Speaking of top coats, I need one, any suggestions please?

Thanks lovelies,
Diane x


  1. That blue is gorgeous!
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