Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Paula's Choice Resist Regime Results - 30 Days Later

Hello my lovelies,

I thought I would detail here what I used, how I used them and the experiences I had, and give you some before and after photos too, so here goes.

Before starting I had 3 blemishes around my left eye, discolouration/skin damage from spots in the hollows of my cheek bones and along jaw line most of which happened when I was a teenager, some discolouration from recent spots, this happens whether I squeeze my spots or not :(  I have some fine lines around eyes and forehead, and teeny flesh coloured bumps on my forehead, don't think anyone can notice but I'm a looking!  I'm hoping that this area becomes as smooth as the rest of the skin on my face, the damage from spots new and old is exfoliated and new fresh even toned skin is revealed - wishful thinking perhaps!  But that's what I paid my money for.  If my fine lines are reduced and dark circles minimised that's a bonus.

I bought 4 products from the Paula's Choice Resist range consisting of:

RESIST Advanced Replenishing Toner Skin Remodeling Complex
RESIST Daily Smoothing Treatment with 5% Alpha Hydroxy Acid
RESIST Weekly Resurfacing Treatment with 10% Alpha Hydroxy Acid
RESIST Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum

Week 1
Toner - every morning and night
5% AHA - 1-2 pumps every night
Serum - every night
10% AHA - once at the end of the week, after 10 mins applied serum
(Please note I used my Estee Lauder Day Wear Plus Sheer Tint Release Formula each morning.)

Results: The first morning after use my blemishes were significantly reduced and continued to reduce steadily thereafter, skin looked brighter.  No inflammation, stinging or peeling from the 5% AHA.  Mild stinging along the tops of my cheekbones from the 10% AHA, went away soon after I applied the serum, no peeling or inflammation occurred.

Week 2
Toner - every morning and night
5% AHA - 1-2 pumps twice a day for first 2 days then reduced back to using at night only.
Serum - every night
10% AHA - once at the end of the week, after 10 mins applied serum


After using the 5% AHA twice a day for 2 days I noticed pink areas about a centimetre in diameter on the apples of my cheeks and the skin slightly raised, no itching, tightness or peeling but suspect inflammed as this is unusual for me, so I decided to go back to using the 5% AHA only at night.

I keep staring at the hollows of my cheekbones, suspecting the discolouration may be fading! and the skin texture seems to be different, collagen promoting new healthy tissue? - too early to say, could just be wishful thinking at this stage...

Week 3
Clean and Clear Spot Treatment - smoothed over my forehead twice a week (has salicylic acid - BHA)
Toner - every morning and night
5% AHA - 1-2 pumps at night only.
Serum - every night
10% AHA - once at the end of the week, allowed a few mins for it to soak in then applied serum

Results: No issues with any of the products.  The Clean and Clear has helped reduce the flesh coloured bumps a bit.  Still watching like a hawk to check the progress on the discolouration in the hollows of my cheeks, def looks to me as if my skin tone and texture is evening out.  But what's this?  Are the lines on my forehead ever so slightly reduced, and the bothersome wrinkle under my left eye...

Week 4
Clean and Clear Spot Treatment - smoothed over my forehead twice a week (has salicylic acid - BHA)
Toner - every morning and night
5% AHA - 1-2 pumps at night only.
Serum - every night
10% AHA - twice a week 3 days apart, allowed a few mins for it to soak in then applied serum

Results:  10% AHA twice a week too drying for some parts of my face, will reduce to once a week again.    The flesh coloured bumps on my forehead are definitely reduced but not gone completely, no drying of skin as only used twice a week.

What can I say?  Consider me well and truly impressed and I have to admit a bit awed.  The discolourations in hollows off my cheeks are actually evening out, if I wasn't seeing it with my own eyes I wouldn't have really believed it poss by just applying (over the counter) products topically. 

The lines on my forehead look smoother as if they have been slightly rubbed out! there seems to be a small change in the depth of the annoying wrinkle under my left eye that I usually have to avoid getting concealer in for fear of it caking, if that continues I really will be over the moon!  I do feel as though my skin feels firmer and radiant.  Quite possibly my dark circles are not quite as dark but I'm reserving judgement on that for the moment.

I didn't want this to be a gushing review, but after just 30 days I am pretty amazed and I tell you no lies!  I am going to post some before and after pics below (WARNING - you will be getting up close and personal with some of my many imperfections - eek!) but I'm not sure how helpful they will be, as they were taken at different times of day, so the lighting is different, so sorry about that but I can only take them when I get the chance around my family life.

Left Before - Right After

Needless to say I will be eagerly continuing with these products and adding three more Paula's Choice products into my routine;-

RESIST Barrier Repair Moisturizer this contains retinol, nervous about using retinol but as my skin has taken to the other products in this line so well I hope this bodes well...  I have also ordered Extra Care Non-Greasy Sunscreen SPF 45 and Weightless Body Treatment with 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid for the body, which can also be used on the face, which I'm going to try on my T-zone to hopefully get rid of the small flesh coloured bumps on my forehead and perhaps help reduce the shine on my nose!  Now Easter hols have passed, I am hoping to receive these products any day - fingers crossed!

I will also be occasionally including other products, either those I already love to use in my usual regime or new ones, in particular some Liz Earle products, that I won in a giveaway from the lovely Simone Gannon, who has a fab blog: http://www.simonelovesmakeup.com/

I have been so dedicated in just using the PC RESIST products this past month but I will prob swap out the 5% AHA in favour of my Clarisonic occasionally and add my much loved Akamuti Rose Replenishing Facial Oil or the Liz Earle Moisturizer I have when my skin feels like it needs more.

I will probably do another before and after set of photos after 3 months, I would like to see the difference if any myself.

If you read all of this - thank you!  I do hope you got something useful from sticking with this looooong post.  Now after all this if you would like to see my video of this where I am bare faced except for a natural lippy and I curled my eyelashes! click this link.  I couldn't help myself have so much of my imperfections already on show - yikes.

Diane x


  1. Lovely review Diane. Seems like you can see quite a huge difference in the before and after pics. :)

  2. Hi Uma,

    Thanks so much for the lovely feedback, that is so good to hear! So glad the pics are useful.


  3. Thats an amazing difference!! xx

  4. Hi Naomi,

    It is amazing, I didn't really expect to see much of a difference, I never usually do but I mainly go for the long haul benefits of anti-oxidants and SPF, so this has been a real surprise and a fab one at that. I'm looking forward to continuing with the products and reviewing again. Fingers crossed. x

  5. Wow really big difference! I'm gonna make one order on Paula's Choice website also.Thank you for sharing with us your experience with Paula's Choice products! Have a nice day! Kisses!