Friday, 15 October 2010

Andrea Fulerton Trio Colour Layering System

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So I've started to buy and enjoy nail colours that I've never thought about wearing before and my newest addition, is an Andrea Fulerton Trio purchased from Superdrug cost £7.99.  I posted a vid featuring this nail product and others, if you'd like to see it click here.

According to Superdrugs' website these polishes were developed by Andrea Fulerton who is an established, highly respected and renowned artistic nail designer, at the top of her field and has twice been voted British Nail Professional of the Year

It is in fact 2 colours that you can wear separately or layer to create a 3rd colour or effect. I purchased one called Foxy Lady (apparently Nigella Lawson named these as she Andrea Fulertons' friend and client), here is are some pics;-

I have on the bronze colour underneath which is pretty opaque and then the two tone bluey/grey on top and love the results, kind of makes for a golden two tone plummy bluey colour, obviously I'm just making up colour names here!  Let's just say it's a very unique colour and I'm loving it.  Dries reasonably quickly too.

There are 16 trios which means you can create upto 48 shades, and for £7.99 I have 3 lovely nail colours, not bad, although it's worth noting that the total amount is 8.8mls and most full size nail varnishes are 10mls I believe.

Diane x

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