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AOFM Professional Freelance Hair and Makeup Certificate - Days 3 and 4

Covers Foundation Level Makeup, Advanced Level Makeup and Hair Styling

Another fab weekend, feel lucky I'm in a class filled with such lovely sociable students.

Day 3 - First up was a talk from today's tutor lovely Barbara Carranza ("BC"), originally from Mexico, eyebrow specialist.  I have to say she was an absolute joy, so fun.  We always get to hear the background of our tutors and how they came to be where they are today, very interesting.

All of us were due to get one eyebrow done my BC and then our partners for the day would try to follow the guidelines to create the other one.  We were asked to combine this with a glam look and attach a strip lash to one eye and individual lashes to the other, oh and lest I forget, we had to use red lipstick, no exceptions.

We did not have time to do any work on the skin so what you will see on Ndidi below is just her eyes and lips done by myself, she did however manage to put on some foundation before I took the photo - result!

I will point out that Ndidi's eyebrows are naturally high and unless she was to get rid of all her eyebrow hair and have some new eyebrows added semi-permanent/permanent ink lower down, this is the way she will stay.  BC did show her how her eyebrows would look lower down by filling in one temporarily before we started.  Made such a difference to the balance of her features, I thought that would be interesting to share but alas it seems I fudged taking a photograph of it :-(

BC did the eyebrow on the left (left eye has the individual lashes) and I did the one on the right (this eye has the strip lash).  I was so happy when BC and another tutor both said I had done a great job when checking out my eyebrow efforts, but then BC bowled me over by saying that my one was better than hers, such high praise!  Chuffed to bits :-)

One interesting fact for you, BC told us that none of the ladies in Mexico use eyelash curlers yet they still curl their lashes, how do you ask? well...with a spoon of course!  Seriously, I kid you not, she even did it on me, really works too, amazing,

Day 4 - Our tutor was Barbara Braeunlich ("BB"), specialising in beauty makeup, to see some of her work click here.  She has an amazing highly successful career and it's still growing strong.  Again we heard all about BB's background and heard some very fascinating insights into the beauty industry.

Today's goals were contouring and highlighting and then later bronzing to produce a summer glow makeup.

I was very fortunate to be able to work on Lee for the task or contouring and highlighting, who just so happens to be the only male student on the course, he's such a good sport and a lovely person.

Lee let me take some before and after photos on his phone as I didn't have my one to hand, unfortunately numpty that I am I forgot to give him my email address.  I'll post the pictures later if I get manage to get hold of them.

Next up was the summer glow makeup, most people went for golds but the tutors were keen for us to experiment using brighter colours on the eyes, which is what I used but I went for a wash of colours rather than pack it on.  I was asked to up the bronzer which I did,  in fact we were told not to be shy with it at all for this type of look, I usually would prefer to be on the cautious side.  Here is the lovely Stephanie:

We were lucky enough to work with Armani foundations and liquid illuminators, a first for me, I mixed a luminous but deeper shade of foundation than Stephanie's skin tone to give her a glowing summer tan, I took it half way down her neck as didn't want to get foundation on her clothes, you can see the contrast with her natural skin colour.

I was pleased that the Armani foundation could be layered to take down any redness on the skin in specific areas and then in other areas let the skin show through, especially Stephanie's few gorgeous freckles.  Was a lovely consistency, I think it was the Armani Silk.

We had another visitor pop in to the studio and it was Kim Borio, Kim's website, a well renowned celebrity makeup artist from L.A.  She is such a fun bubbly person, I wished I'd had more time to talk with her, she sure knows her Armani :-)

So all in all another very enjoyable weekend and lots of friendships forming, like I said a sociable lovely bunch of people, most of us go to lunch together, it's such a pleasure.

This weekend will be the last of the foundation classes, so we will be saying goodbye to those that are only booked on the foundation course and saying hello to whomever will be joining the rest of us that are staying on for the advanced course.

Hope you are enjoying these posts, as much as I am enjoying sharing my experiences.

Diane x

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