Wednesday, 30 May 2012

AOFM Foundation Level - Day 5: Catwalk Makeup

Today is an exciting day, we get to learn some behind the scenes background information for Catwalk makeup.

Today's tutor was Angela Davis-Deacon.  I picked up lots of awesome tips and she kindly let us have a look through the items that she had out for her demo.

Angela and resident tutor Maria Papadopoulou (fab name) were really great with their support, encouragement and advice.  Most students decided to go along the route Angela had demonstrated for their Catwalk looks, which involved lovely colourful bold looks and experimenting with textures.

I knew I wanted a statement look and had a very good idea of the structure I wanted but was keen to keep it clean and simple but yet visually strong.

I'm really pleased with what I came up with and the tutors that day were kind enough to compliment my work.   It received comments of being a clean, modern and edgy Catwalk look and Angela pointed out to a few fellow students that my work was an example of what she had said when she showed one of her images from her portfolio, that "sometimes it's not so much what you do but what you don't do that makes the look".

I got to work on Agi a fellow student, she is beyond lovely, cannot tell you just how much fun we had working together!  Brilliant day!!!

The brief was to have the foundation to look like skin, brill for me it's what I always try to do, and for the rest we were left to play with our creativity.

Having a blast on this course. 

Diane x 

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