Tuesday, 29 May 2012

AOFM Foundation Level - Day 4: Contouring & Highlighting

Day 4 on the foundation stage of my AOFM Pro Hair and Makeup course started with contouring and highlighting.

We are very lucky to have one male student in our class, and I was extremely lucky to be able to work with Li for the contouring and highlight segment.

I cannot tell you just what a good sport Li is, he's been through all the looks we've covered on the course so far, glam, bridal, catwalk, the works and he's so cool about it.  Thanks so much Li, it's brill having a male model to work on and very much appreciated.

We were asked to apply the contouring shades heavier than I would normally go for in every day life, being on shoots with all the lighting, we would have to be aware of the colours being washed out.  The idea being to start off lightly and then keep an eye on the photographers screen to see if we need to add more depth.

I found the guide provided about contouring and highlighting on different face shapes a handy aid but the emphasis was on us deciding what needs to be done on an individual basis using our own judgement, fab to hear, there are no textbook faces :-)

We did not put a base on, just powdered the face, and then got on with the contouring and highlighting.

We didn't think to take a before photo at the time, so Li was really kind enough to take one for me at another time, so below is how he looks on an every day basis. The before photo was taken in artificial light and the after photo in natural light in the studio but I'm grateful to have any before version to show you.

I'll be loading more as soon as I can, have my catwalk look and makeup for black and white photos to show you.

Diane x

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