Monday, 7 March 2011

La Femme Blush on Rouge Swatches

Hello lovelies,

I thought this post would come in handy for anyone that is thinking of purchasing La Femme Blushes.  They are amazingly pigmented, long wearing, and have a huge array of colours and what's more are sooo affordable. To see reviews by the very talented and knowledgeable gossmakeupartist click here and here.

In the individual pan form they cost $2.50 - 5.5g, you can get these from  I don't know of anywhere else where you can pick up these quality blush on rouge round pans, if you know please do share. 

Get ready, here come the pics, they are actually stills from my camcorder and were filmed in natural light by my front door.  It's a sunny today - yay!

Top row left to right: Orchid Ice, Framboesia, Lilac Champagne
Bottom row left to right: Scarlet, Purple Passion, Grape, Brick Red, Russet, Redwood

Top row left to right: Orchid Ice, Framboesia, Lilac Champagne Bottom row left to right: Scarlet, Purple Passion, Grape, Brick Red,

Top row left to right: Lilac Champagne Bottom row left to right: Grape, Brick Red, Russet, Redwood

I've done heavy swatches and next to them swatches blended out so you can get a better idea how it might look on your skin, for reference my face is Mac NC44 but my arm is a good few shades lighter.

From left to right: Purple Passion, Grape, Brick Red, Russet, Redwood

From left to right: Scarlet, Orchid Ice, Framboesia, Lilac Champagne

I do hope these swatches will be use to someone out there.  I called Screenface professional make-up suppliers in Covent Garden, London that stock La Femme, but they only stock two eye products, woe is me :(

Diane x


  1. Nice swatches Diane.. I love La femme! In fact I started using them 3 years ago in my kit. Just that I didn't think anyone would be interested in knowing a 'cheapish' blush! Now it's quite talked about! Lovely! :)

  2. Thanks hon, my arms are not as long as Karlasugars, she has no competition lol.

    I've always loved your palette and been green with envy when you showed it in tuts way back when, ever since I've been hankering after them and Wayne just made me want them even more.

    I'd love to see your swatches if you have different colours.

    Snig rraves about the Mocha one you sent her,now of couse I wand that one too. What are your fav shades? My current one in my collection is Redwood.

    A few people have found this useful on twitter and commented there so I'm glad it's coming in useful.

    Can't remember where you said you can get La Femme, is it Singapore or Sweden?


  3. I use the La Femme eyebrow pencils and lip pencils! Totally unaware that they had blushes too. I love their brand, so incredibly cheap but still good quality. I loveee cheap products! I'm definitely a cheapskate ahaaa!

    I'm so happy I found your blog, i love it! I've given you a blogger award! Please check the link below for more info xx

  4. Hi Naomi,

    Quality is quality whatever we pay. I don't have easy access to this brand but by sounds of it more of their range definitely needs checking out.

    Aww thank you for your lovely comment and support, I really do appreciate it.

    Diane :-)

  5. I saw you LF Blush review on YT and I thought I would continue my comments here. I LOVE LOVE LOVE La Femme blushes and since you and I are of similar coloring here is list of all the LF blushes that I either now own or have owned (and I need to state that there has never been a LF Blush that I have tried that I didn't like and I am being completely honest with that statement).

    My LF Blush collection is as follows: Mocha, Golden Rose, Redwood, Peach Sparkle, Cinnabar, Apricot, Sunset Dawn, Russert, Golden Sunset, Brick Red, Mulberry, Plum Frost, Precious Plum, Satin Rose, Golden ruby, Bordeaux and Sienna. I have even purchases some LF Blushes to use only as eyeshadows and I also use a couple of LF eyeshadows: Burgandy and Brown as somtimes blush but mostly as contour colors.

    Again, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the LF Blushes and I have been signing the praises of these hidden gems for years and I am so glad that with Wayne Goss' review and others like your on YT is finally giving this much deserved product all the hype it deserves.

    Well done and thanks for the YT video and blog posting.


  6. One more thing, I own more LF product in my MU collection than any other brand and I would suggest you try out their cream blushes (sold on; the jumbo eyeshadow pencils (I like them better than the NYX pencils); the cake eyeliners, the cake mascara, the lip liners, cake lip glosses and the eyeshadows (although they are not the best but they good enough for basic colors).

    As you can see, I have gone La Femme crazy but I love all of my LF products and I have only experienced a few dude in the 4 years I have using the LF products.

  7. Hi NikiD40,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to leave this comment and for supporting my YT channel and this blog, I'm so appreciative.

    I'm hankering for Mocha and Cinnabar, and perhaps Sienna... But there are so many too choose from and the website swatches are terrible so I've been googling away to find swatches/videos.

    I'm totally loving Redwood and the scary looking Purple passion is a lovely plum colour when blended on.

    They go on and blend like a dream, just gorgeous.

    I've seen my friend Uma Preve use them in her videos and have always wanted to get my hands on them.

    My make-up weakness is definitely blushes and I don't have to feel guilty as they are so affordable, I just hope they stay that way.

    Thanks again lovely.

    Diane :-)

  8. Oops we just missed each other! lol

    Thanks so much for the other recommendations and that website, I'll definitely check it out, brilliant to find out about where to get other items in their line :-)

  9. Hi Diane,

    I don't normally do something like this, but I would suggest you go to on of my favorite beauty bloggers: The Glam Shack (, she has swatches on her blog of many of the LF blushes. BTW, she has the largest collection of LF blushes I have seen for she owns 40 of 52 blushes that LF offers. Also, I would suggest you go to and check out mljohnson123's reviews of the LF blushes for it was her reviews of the LF blushes almost 4 years ago that brought these great blushes to my attention.

    I apologize if I have over stepped my boundaries but I wanted to give you and your readers as much information as I have at my disposal.


    P.S. MakeupMainia is the best place on the net to buy La Femme products for the they have the lowest prices; however, Frends Beauty Supply has a larger collection of the LF blushes and eyeshadows and you can also buy La Femme products from, and a few other select vendors - I just thought I'd pass along the information.

  10. Fantastic! thank you so so much for sharing, that't what this community is all about, that's why I love it.

    You're so kind to go to the trouble, this information is so helpful. Thanks again.

    Diane :)

  11. Hey Diane, I was just wondering how long it took for makeupmaina to deliver these blushes to U.K?

    Thanks! :)

  12. Thanks for the swatches! I'm craving this blushes so much, gotta have to order my customized palette asap. ;)

    Thanks for the info,

    "I" is for Isabel xx