Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Mac in the Groove + Dupes

I purchased Petticoat mineralised skinfinish and Jazzed lipstick but I managed to make close dupes at home. I've also made a possible dupe of Stereo Rose.  Here is a link to my video of this on YouTube;

Petticoat really reminded me of something, when I got home I realised what it was and dug out Benefits Moon Beam, they are strikingly similar with Moon Beam have a bit more of a metallic sheen.

Top and far right Petticoat MSF blended/heavy
Middle and bottom Benefit Moon Beam blended/heavy

Mac Petticoat MSF

I also found I was able to make a very good dupe of Jazzed lipstick with two Mac lipsticks I already had, which are See Sheer and Shy girl.

From top - bottom, Mac Jazzed, See Sheer, Shy Girl, mix of See Sheer and Shy Girl

Mac Jazzed lipstick

I know it's not exactly ideal to get two lipsticks instead of one!!! but if you already have one or both of these in your collection you can make a great dupe of Jazzes, both of these are on the Mac website and are permanent I believe.

Also, after reading Temptalia's brilliant post on trying to find a dupe for Stereo Rose MSF, the closest she came to a dupe was mixing Mac Comfort & Petticoat MSF's.

I don't have Mac Comfort MSF but I do have Mac's Sunny by Nature which is close to Comfort so I thought I'd try making a dupe, here is my dupe and Christine's Temptalia blog dupe;

Far right Mac Sunny by nature MSF mixed with Mac Petticoat MSF

Far left Mac Comfort MSF mixed with Mac Petticoat, middle Stereo Rose
Image property of Temptalia, permission obtained to use image

I'm sorry it's difficult to see the differences, for a start Christine and I are two very different skin tones and my image was taken from my YouTube video. If you have Mac's Sunny by Nature or something similar, give it a try, you just might like the results.

Personally, I went to swatch Stereo Rose 3 times and each time it didn't show up corally only light pink with sheen and the more I swatched the more sheen I got rather than colour. Perhaps it was just the one I was swatching but I wasn't at all sure it would show up as a blusher on me and that is what I would have wanted to use it for. 

From the look of swatches I've seen on fair skin tones, it does look a lovely shade of coral.  Maybe it would look lovely on me too but I may never know as I don't intend to pay eBay prices for it!

If you have the MSF's mentioned including Stereo Rose I would love to hear if you are able to make a good dupe with these.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, hope you found it useful.

Diane x

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