Sunday, 9 September 2012

Shu Uemura Chocolat Donna Collection - Mint and Vanilla Palette

Hello everyone,

It's been awhile - again!  How are you?  Do hope you've been having a lovely summer.  I had a birthday recently and was extremely thrilled to receive the Shu Uemura Mint and Vanilla palette from their recently released Chocolat Donna collection:

The utterly gorgeous limited edition palettes are inspired by luxury chocolates, they contain 6 pre-set mini eyeshadow shades, the cases themselves are so luxurious and refillable.  I'm over the moon with my palette.  It's so lovely I didn't want to swatch it!  but I had to get over that, it's taken me a week but the urge to play and blog was strong!  Will be using this palette today that's a guarantee.

Beautiful Case which you can reuse when these shadows are finished

L-R: Micro Glittery Golden Vanilla and Mint,  Matte Vanilla, Pearl Mocha Golden Accents, Milk Chocolate,  Rich Cacao

Six shades but 7 swatches, why? the one in the middle is the pearl mocha without the golden overlay mixed in, to the immediate right of it, is my 1st swatch of this shade taken with the golden overlay, as you can see the overlay is only on the surface level which is why I did two swatches.

This is how you remove the tray,  just gently pull out, clicks back into place, it's not going to open on it's own.

How it looks completely removed and you just slide the shadows off at the end to refill with whatever gorgeous Shu Uemura shade you decide to replace it with.

Have to say they are beautiful shades and so smooth and blendable, my favourite is the pearl mocha, it's a beautiful subtle colour on me and like a golden taupe, I love it and did I say smooth, the consistency is sublime.

Great versatile palette which has 3 matte shades, vanilla all over lid colour or eyebrow highlight, the Milk Chocolate lid or crease colour (does have a gold accent but on surface only) and Rich Cacao for defining.

Pearl Mocha (golden accent) lid and highlight.  I experimented with the micro glitter shades overlaying them on top of the other shades, I like the Gold on top of the Rich Cacao and the Mint on the Milk Chocolate, they both look lovely over the Pearl Mocha but I really love it just as it is.

There are two other palettes in the collection, Raspberry and Mocha (I'm currently coveting) and Orange and Pistachio.  There are also more than 20 blushes and 44 new lipsticks, some Chocolat lashes and a limited edition foundation case, here is the link to the collection again:

I'm a lucky girl, what a beautiful, luxurious and incredibly generous gift, perfect for my 40th birthday!

I don't think these palettes will hang around for long on the site.  I'm so pleased I will be able to continue to use my gorgeous case long after I've used these shades.

Diane x

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