Friday, 15 October 2010

Nars Holiday Collection 2010 on the website now!

Get ready for another collection, this time from Nars which is on the UK website now, see  What's in the collection?

Okinawa Trio Eyeshadow (limited edition) £32
Melusine Duo Eyeshadow £23
Etrusque Single Eyeshadow (limited edition) £16
Sex Appeal Blush £19.50
Petit Monstre Lipstick on left & Little Darling Lipstick on right (both limited edition) £17
Downtown Lip Gloss on left (limited edition) and Bougainville Lip Gloss on right
Pokerface Nail Polish (limited edition) Magnetic Purple Orchid, £13
Bad Influence Nail Polish (limited edition) Smoky Taupe, £13

nars holiday 2010 swatches review photos all
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 As you will see this collection has Nars' first ever eyeshadow trio. For the new blush they did not repeat the etching that was on the Douceur blush in the previous collection, which is a shame as embellishments go I quite like it. 

According to the amazing Karlasugar blog, Sex Appeal is a nearly invisible pale pink (and is a permanent addition to the line and Little Darling lipstick is an extremely sheer grey pink-beige.  This makes it quite easy for me to avoid temptation as I don't think they would do much for my skin tone or pigmented lips.

See anything you like?

Diane x


  1. interesting,like the lipsticks,glosses&nail polishes..thanx for sharing cre&hav a fab wknd

  2. Hello lovely, you are very welcome. I do quite like the Pokerface nail varnish but I'm not liking the price tag very much, the Mac nail varnish from the VV collection was £8, quite a difference. I do hope you have a great weekend. x

  3. Thank you so much for posting this. I already placed an order for poker face nail polish, the nude lipgloss and the new blush. I can't wait until they get here. I'm such a NARS

  4. You are very welcome, my pleasure. Pokerface lip polish looks great, so do the other items you bought but I'm not convinced they'll show up on me.

    Nars does have amazing products so I'm not surprised.

    Enjoy your goodies :-)

  5. Oh I love the little darling lipstick and Bougainville lip gloss, nars have amazing shades especially for darker skin.